1 (U) a situation in which people or organizations compete with each other
(+ between): Sometimes there's a lot of competition between children for their mother's attention. (+ for): Competition for the job was intense. (+ among): This price reduction is due to competition among suppliers. | be in competition with (=be competing with) | fierce/stiff/intense etc competition: There is fierce competition between the three leading soap manufacturers. | in the face of competition (=in a situation where you are competing): In the face of such strong competition, small grocery stores are going out of business.
2 (singular, uncountable) the people or groups that are competing against you, especially in business or in a sport: the competition: Going to trade fairs is an ideal opportunity to size up the competition. | no/not much/little etc competition (=no one who is likely to be better than you): Lewis is bound to win the race; there's just no competition. | a lot of/considerable/fierce etc competition (=people who are very strong or skilful): The team overcame fierce competition for their place in the finals. | foreign competition (=companies from other countries that you are competing with)
3 (C) an organized event in which people or teams compete against each other, especially using their skill: United were knocked out of the competition in the first round. | a crossword competition | competition to do sth: a competition to find a designer for the new airport building | win/lose a competition: Who won the volleyball competition? | enter a competition: Teams from high schools all over the state have entered the competition.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.


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